142 Induction, Live In Paris and Indonesian Junk

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    Joel, Shane and Karl set up their past selves to help their present selves in order to get their future selves where they need to be. Then Shane tickles a jar of mayonnaise. Starts with the most intellectual game they've ever played and closes with the least. In between there's a review of Sleater-Kinney Live in Paris and a tune from Indonesian Junk.

    0:01:24 Video Game | Induction
    0:21:05 Record | Live in Paris by Sleater-Kinney
    0:40:02 Song | "Turn To Stone" by Indonesian Junk
    0:44:51 Post Game
    • Split Single and Midnight Reruns at Anodyne
    • My Name Is Mayo
    Music Played In This Episode
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