144 Horizon Zero Dawn, Little Deaths and The Real McKenzies

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    They may need to eat a little soap in order to pull it off but ABOG Podcast starts a new trend and drops the explicit language tag going forward. You can now listen in the car with the entire family sitting there. Your family may prefer the latest from Ariana Grande (is she still relevant?), but the show is now safe to consume in any circumstance.

    Joel, Shane and Karl review a game from one of their all-time favorite developers Guerrilla Games. The folks behind the amazing Killzone franchise. Does Horizon Zero Dawn impress them enough to play it as many hours as they did Killzone 3 during all the Sunday community nights?

    Side B starts with a review of Little Deaths by Idle Bloom and gets festive for St. Patrick's Day with a new tune from Shane's local heroes The Real McKenzies. The ABOG attorneys are mentioned in Post Game specifically as it relates to all the copycat Band of Gamers. Find out why a greater emphasis will be put on the name "ABOG Podcast" going forward. This and much more in another episode of A Band of.... Err, ABOG Podcast.

    0:01:32 Side A Video Games
    • Review | Horizon Zero Dawn
    0:25:58 Side B Music
    0:41:27 Post Game
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