147 XBOX Scorpio, MLB The Show 17, Freedom is Free by Chicano Batman and Whips

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    Feels like living in a Tarantino flick with a grooving soundtrack from the recommended record Freedom Is Free. Shane is taking down fools in a 70's cop show and enjoys Big League Chew. Joel capitalizes on the increased value of the NES Classic and insists Side B is better. Karl struts down the road to ace bass and sings along to Persona 5.

    0:02:15 Side A Video Games
    • XBOX Scorpio Specs revealed
    • MLB The Show 17 Impressions
    • Games worth your time and money
      • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
      • Persona 5
    0:37:25 Side B Music
    0:59:28 Post Game
    Music Played In This Episode
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