148 XBOX One Surpasses PlayStation 4, The Ride by Whips and Evacuate the Earth

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    The guys share their tips and yours on how Microsoft can help the XBOX One try and catch up to Sony's PlayStation 4. With a great deal more certainty they recommend you listen to The Ride and then play new tunes from a couple favorite Milwaukee bands.

    0:02:22 Side A Video Games
    • XBOX One/Scorpio Surpasses PlayStation 4/Pro
      • Hypothetically that is
      • We'll share our ideas and yours on what Microsoft needs to do in order to pull that off
    0:35:50 Side B Music
    1:08:18 Post Game
    • Driveclub Solo Time Challenge Results from Event 1
    • Father and Son Vs. The World
    Music Played In This Episode
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