150 End On A High Note

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    Joel, Shane and Karl share their thoughts on the big three at E3 2017 and end on a high note.

    Side A Video Games
    • E3 2017
      • Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo pressers
    Side B End On A High Note
    • 150 Episodes Strong
    • Song | "Garage" by Brett Newski
    Music Played In This Episode
    • With permission
      • Intro by Tiny Rockets
      • Brett Newski "Garage"
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  2. Fivespot

    Fivespot ABOG Podcast

    It's been a great five years with ABOG and a solid couple years prior to that being a part of 360 Nation and PS Nation. Eight years in total co-hosting video game related podcasts.

    Also proud to have been an important part of VGEvo/Retroids during that time. The first Social Media Manager and then ran the Podcast Network including adding a few shows like 1 More Castle and Gamer Chatter to the mix.

    Thank you all for the many great years!! I'll still see you around. Continuing my involvement with Midwest Gaming Classic (MGC) running the music stage and also still podcasting via my new show Dig The Vibe. Stop by and say hey anytime either at MGC or at DigTheVibeCast.com.

    Take care.
  3. Boric

    Boric The Netherfiend Staff Member

    Thanks for all your contributions Joel! Hope to get up to MGC again one of these years to catch up! :)
  4. Fivespot

    Fivespot ABOG Podcast

    And we're back, if you didn't notice. Podcasting is about relationships and quite frankly Shane, Karl and I wanted a built-in excuse to get together and hang out. No better way to do that than to record some more episodes. We tweaked the format to much more relaxed and loose and are foregoing editing. It's just us hitting record, chatting about our two fave hobbies and having some beers together.

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