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    Take a seat on a memorial park bench, it's time to listen to a new episode of ABOG. Slow news period in gaming but there's still plenty to rant about including anti-social media, cheap platinum trophies and the end of a long-running addiction. Recommended record from Khruangbin, Joel's Valentine's Day with Valerie June, Karl's guilty pleasure record and a potentially pricey Gorillaz pressing for Shane in music. Side C details ABOG's Midwest Gaming Classic 2018 plans and they're so good a special guest might make the long trek from Europe to join in.

    0:03:11 Side A Video Games

    • My Nintendo adding Switch rewards.
    • XBOX fans with big hands rejoice. The Duke controller making a comeback this Spring.
    • Hori Onyx controller for PlayStation 4 fans that prefer offset sticks.
    • Hovering over the buy button for the Analogue Super Nt.
    • Elvis Juice | BrewDog
    • Nocturnum | Strange Fellows Brewing
    • Unbridled Enthusiasm | Third Space Brewing
    • Monster Hunter: World (PS4)
    • Cheeky games for 30-40 platinum trophies
    • New Machina by Limited Run Games
    • Gears of War 4 (XBOX One)
    • Overwatch (PS4)
    1:05:30 Side B Music

    Recommended Albums
    • Khruangbin Con Todo El Mundo
    Listening To
    • Valerie June Live at Pabst Theater 2/16/18
    • Record night via Discord and Spotify
    • Don Broco Technology
    • Gorillaz Demon Days | Vinyl Me Please Release
    1:37:30 Side C Community
    • ABOG Plans at Midwest Gaming Classic 2018
      • Thursday night: dinner at Vanguard, beer at Sugar Maple
      • Friday afternoon: Lakefront Brewery Tour with beers and late lunch/early dinner
      • Friday night: Uber Tap Room and Cheese Bar, 1983 Arcade
      • Saturday night: The Gleasons live at The House of Guinness
      • Sunday night: Margo Price live at Turner Hall
    Music Played In This Episode
    • All music provided with kind permission by Tiny Rockets

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