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    We'll be attending and participating in the Midwest Gaming Classic later this year in April. As most of you probably already know, this is an annual event wherein a bunch of us here at Retroids try to get together and be a part of this awesome community opportunity. We'll of course be in the Retroids room with a table set up to chit chat and interact with attendees.

    Shane (ABOG co-host) will not be making the long trek from Vancouver to Wisconsin for MGC. I will however have my good friend Sergio helping me at the event so I won't have to oversee our table alone.

    At our table we'll have some gaming going (not sure yet which games/systems), possibly a record player with some records to spin, we'll record a live podcast episode and last but not least we'll be selling T-shirts. Based on the fact that we have to pay for the stock ahead of time, limited quantities will be available. If you're interested, please let us know style/size (we're bringing two different styles to sell; original/podcast logo and new record logo).

    Hope to see you there! Let us know if you want a T-shirt and we'll have one ready for you to purchase at the show $25.

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    We plan to host some Retroids Videolympics score chasing at the ABOG table. Specifically Joe Danger 2 The Movie so if you're coming, start practicing and let's have some score chasing fun at the event. Folks can watch along from home via the scoreboards. AND can submit scores from home too via Retroids' tools set.

    Who's going to take it? Skippy again?
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    Had a great time until I came down with the flu and missed all of Sunday. Next year I'm going to mix in some hand sanitizer when playing a bazillion pinball machines. Hope everyone whom attended enjoyed themselves.
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    Fivespot ABOG Podcast

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    These are great! I put up a link to this in the replies of the MGC 2014 article as well. Thanks Joel!

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