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    I will be hosting a room for Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on 1/21/2014 from 8-10 pm Central time.
    The room details are as follows. WORLD: 05 Free E , Lobby: 8 , Room Name: ABOG , Password: 6428.

    As an ABOG gaming event we are looking to make this a once a month game night primarily on a Tuesday , if there is enough interest.

    All skill levels welcome , But be willing to accommodate the party.
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  2. Fivespot

    Fivespot ABOG Podcast

    Had a great time and Tim (Hytek Rednek) is a fantastic host. He knows his Monster Hunter very well. Who's in if we do another? We've got space as up to 4 can play. And of course if there's more we can set up multiple matches.

    Looking to play again on Tues 2/18 at 8pm CST. Let us know here (post a reply) if you're interested.

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