[Apr 12, 2014] Midwest Gaming Classic 2014 (Brookfield, WI)

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    The Midwest Gaming Classic returns to the Sheraton Milwaukee Brookfield hotel in Brookfield, Wisconsin on April 12th and 13th, 2014! Join us in the Retroids room for a ton of gaming goodness! Retroids founders (Ken, Terry and Paul) will be running consoles at their tables as well as running their Retroids Videolympics high score contests. The Retroids Podcast Network (RPN) will be around to meet and greet their listeners. Join them in some casual gaming sessions, meet & greets as well as their designated contests and podcast roundtable sessions. Galloping Ghost arcade joins us in the Retroids room again this year, and will have a myriad of arcade games to play, including custom arcade cabinets! Learn how to repair your own arcade cabinet in their hands-on classes, and play against Team GGA in the newest iteration of Killer Instinct.

    What is the Midwest Gaming Classic?

    The Midwest Gaming Classic is about celebrating gaming.
    All of the main organizers of the Midwest Gaming Classic are gamers first. The show began in 2001 as a celebration of one of our favorite game consoles, and it has blossomed since then into a 40,000+ square foot gaming extravaganza that covers everything a gamer could want to know about the industry, from Pong to the PS3 and everything in between (and even older with some of the pinball machines)!

    The Midwest Gaming Classic is about trying new things.
    No matter what you are into now, we want you to stop in and try your hand at a little bit of everything. If you like the old school games, try some of the latest ones. If you like new games, try some of the old. If you like pinball, take the time to check out the computers. And so on. The Midwest Gaming Classic will introduce you to all aspects of electronic gaming, and you’ll have a lot of fun with them all.

    The Midwest Gaming Classic is about learning things about the hobby of electronic gaming.
    No one knows every aspect about his or her favorite aspects of gaming. Whether you find out something new by interacting with the person that created the game or just another fan who found something neat out, if you look around, there are lots of great opportunities to learn new and exciting things about your favorite hobby.

    The Midwest Gaming Classic is about meeting other people who share the love of electronic gaming. The event is a place where friends who chat on the internet get together to meet face-to-face for the first time; where old friends run into each other and discuss their favorite arcade game that they used to play together as kids in the arcade. Everyone can meet new friends who share a common interest.

    Finally, the Midwest Gaming Classic is fun. This means exactly what it sounds like. If you come to the show and you enjoy any sort of electronic gaming, you will have fun playing your favorites, competing against others, hearing from people in the industry about how games are made and finding new games to purchase and play. No matter if you only have one console and a handful of games or so many different games and consoles that you lost count years ago, you’ll have fun at this show.

    The official website for the Midwest Gaming Classic event is www.midwestgamingclassic.com

    Going to the Midwest Gaming Classic? Discussing it over social media? Use hashtag #RetroidsMGC

    Retroids Room Schedule - MGC 2014

    Join us on Saturday, April 12th and Sunday, April 13th in the Retroids room, located in the lower level at the Brookfield Milwaukee Sheraton Hotel in Moorland Room 1,2,3:

    The Retroids Room - including Galloping Ghost Arcade!

    Check out the list of events below:

    Saturday, April 12th and Sunday April 13th features:
    • Retroids Videolympics High Score Contests will feature random drawings for 1st and 2nd place trophies, Amazon gift cards, circus tickets and a chance to win a RetroN 5 video game console! (Note: RetroN 5 not given away at show. For details, visit www.retroids.com)
    • Galloping Ghost Arcade - Killer Instinct (2013) cab tournament (time TBD)
    • Gamers Only Older - random board gaming sessions
    • Galloping Ghost Arcade - Dark Presence fighting game presentation (time TBD)
    • Interactive Distractions - Killer Instinct (XB1) and/or Street Fighter 4 (PS3) tournament (TBD)
    • Galloping Ghost Arcade - Arcade cabinet repair lessons (on request)
    • PS Nation - multiplayer sessions with Towerfall: Ascension (4-player local multiplayer)
    • DJ Scott Sauer spins tunes in the Retroids Room
    • LIVE podcasts
    • Meet & greet podcasters from the Retroids Podcast Network (RPN)
    • Crafting Mama - special kids project for Sunday (Family Day) - Minecraft "Creeper" and LEGO® people masks

    Saturday, April 12th schedule of events:
    - The MGC show begins!
    11am - Retroids Videolympics: First session - Console high score contest. Compete to get on the high score board, trophies and prizes. (ends at noon)
    2pm - Retroids Videolympics: Second session - Console high score contest. Compete to get on the high score board, trophies and prizes. (ends at 3pm); Galloping Ghost Arcade LIVE podcast session (ends at 3pm)
    3pm - Interactive Distractions LIVE podcast session (ends at 4:30pm)
    4:30pm - Scott Sauer of Gamers Only Older DJs and spins some tracks for the Retroids room.
    5pm - A Band of Gamers score chase with Joe Danger 2 The Movie (PS3) - part of the Retroids Videolympics high score sessions (ends at 8pm)
    8pm - Show ends...everybody out!

    Sunday, April 13th features and schedule of events:
    10am -
    Sunday show begins!
    11am - Crafting Mama - Crafting Mama returns with a special kids project for Sunday (Family Day) - Minecraft "Creeper" and LEGO® people masks! Two popular franchises - Minecraft and Lego (The Lego Movie) are hot right now and resonate with today's youth. The Sisters in Gaming will be there to help kids of all ages design their own Lego character masks and Minecraft "Creeper" masks at the Crafting Mama Table found in the Retroids room on Sunday starting at 11am. Coloring pages with Minecraft and Lego characters will also be provided as an alternative activity. (ends at 3pm)
    1pm - Killer Instinct (XB1) and/or Street Fighter 4 (PS3) tournament [Interactive Distractions] (ends at 3pm)
    1:30pm - PS Nation Live podcast session (ends at 3:30pm)
    2pm - Retroids Videolympics: Second session - Console high score contest. Compete to get on the high score board and to win circus tickets. (ends at 3pm)
    3:30pm - Scott Sauer of Gamers Only Older DJs and spins some tracks for the Retroids room.
    5pm - End of show. See you next year!

    We'll be LIVE streaming the entire time in the Retroids Room, so don't forget to check out the main page of Retroids to see a list of live streams going on throughout the weekend. If you can't make it to MGC, join us in the shoutbox or on the www.twitch.tv/retroids chat. See you there!
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Discussion in 'Events' started by Ken, Dec 16, 2013.

Midwest Gaming Classic 2014
Start Date: Apr 12, 2014 10:00 AM
End Date: Apr 13, 2014 10:00 PM
Time zone: America/Chicago -05:00 CDT

Brookfield Milwaukee Sheraton
375 South Moorland Road
Brookfield, WI 53005

Posted By: Ken

Confirmed Attendees: 18
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  1. Fivespot
    This is going to be a great year!! Glad so many of the Retroids folks are coming out.
  2. Two_Hands_Revy
    Hey everyone, i'll be at the classic this year like always BUT I will be voulenteering :) Come find me at the fighting game area in the Museum and have a couple brawls with me! I'll be down in the Retroid's room as I find time but most definatley Saturday night ;)
  3. biffstix
    this could be one of the greatest upsets of all time... #excited
  4. Trickman
    I was confused by that too. Maybe the wrong word was used? :confused:
  5. Trickman
    Remember, if you're confirmed going, please RSVP at the top of this event.
  6. biffstix
    yeah... wasn't sure what was going on there LOL
  7. Shino
    So flights are now manageable, but, as expected, the hotel is full.
    Need to figure out a place to stay before I can jump in. Hopefully I'll figure something out soon.
  8. Trickman
    The partner hotels have shuttle service to the Sheraton. Make sure to check them out as well.
  9. Shino
    good call... thanks.
  10. Trickman
    NP. Some of them have discount codes (check that page) so you get the MGC rate.
  11. Shino
    My only issue would be how long the shuttles would run...
    I'll figure something out.
  12. Trickman
    You could call the partner hotel(s) and see if they have some sort of schedule. *shrug*
  13. biffstix
    are you guys sharing a room w/ galloping ghost again?
  14. Trickman
    You bet. They've told us that there may be somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 arcade games in the room this year. :cool:
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  15. SinfoniaSam
    I'm seriously getting anxious for this! Is it April yet?
    Trickman likes this.
  16. Shino
    Flight booked!
    See you suckers in April! w00t!
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  17. biffstix
  18. SinfoniaSam
    This is going to be great! I haven't seen some of you folks in years!
  19. DHG Hunter
    Not sure if this is the best spot to put this (another thread?) but here goes...

    The MGC museum is going to be expanding a ton this year. For one, we're taking over the old arcade room and planning on putting many of our 'rooms' in there including E2M, Die-Hard Gamer (now Friends & Enemies), MGC Fight Club, Nippon Import Group, Shmup the Core, Versus, Midwest Light Gun Association (MLGA), and more. We've also got a lot of special rooms planned for around the show, including the return of the Underdog Chamber which will be right next to Retroids this year. Basically, this is going to be an absolute ton of consoles and TVs in these spaces.

    To accomplish this, we're going to need some help! The plan is that we're going to post a list of TVs & consoles that we need in order to do the museum this year. In exchange for your participation at certain levels, you'll be able to game in the big museum room already on Friday (remember the show starts on Saturday officially), a special T-shirt made available only to the museum crew, or even access to the Saturday after-parties. I'll post levels in a bit, but pretty much anyone that can provide us with some of the equipment we need can do the Friday museum thing.

    What do you guys think? I'm posting this here on Retroids first since I know most of you guys from the show already. Does this sound pretty cool? :)

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