Are music videos still relevant and how does the immense popularity of gaming videos impact?

Discussion in 'ABOG Podcast' started by Fivespot, Jan 15, 2015.

  1. Fivespot

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    On an upcoming podcast episode, want to discuss music videos and how important (or not) they are to artists and the industry.

    I'm an audio guy though so I need some help. Not trying to be a dick but I honestly don't get videos and their point. It's no surprise then that I also don't understand why folks watch so many gaming videos. And maybe the two are related.

    Related to the extent that people seem to consume more video than audio these days. Is that the reason music videos still exist and are still being created? Is it the youtube / twitch sensation? Gets so many clicks that it can't be ignored?

    On our show we play a bunch of local and independent artists and most of them are actively creating music videos. Obviously MTV and the like aren't much of a venue for music vids any longer but youtube and such probably now dwarf those channels at their peaks anyway.

    I've even had peers tell me our podcast needs to be on youtube. Our AUDIO ONLY podcast. Throw up a pic I was told. Help me out here, please. Vids for both music and gaming must be more alive and bigger than ever.....

    And what are some of your favorite music vids? Here's one of my most recent faves:
  2. ChryZ

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    Music videos have always been promotion tools, they might spark interest, motivate to check out the latest album, shape the image of artists and try to lure people into concerts. Youtube is just another channel, that replaced MTV or the radio. It's all on demand, only a click away, super convenient and for most parts sorta free. The podcast thing also makes sense, you can stream the audio in the background while it just sits in one of your browser tabs, so no need for another app.
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  3. Prime

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    I agree with ChryZ they're purely to promote the thing in the video, I think they're relevant now more than ever though. seeing as people generally buy online they're able to simply purchase songs they actually enjoy. I sometimes enjoy songs that I've seen in videos more than songs that may be better but don't have a video for them simply because I'm able to put pictures to the words. I like the dynamic that music videos bring and allow the musicians to be seen as well as heard.

    I remember the very first music video I ever seen was back in the late 80's, back then music videos were to promote the album the song appeared in but nowadays with individual song prices online like though iTunes and Amazon, I think they're slightly less about promoting albums than they are to promote the artists... putting a face to a sound is great and I'd be more likely to buy the whole album as a result, which is the best musicians and labels can hope for at this point in the age of digital downloads and abundant piracy.

    Here's the first music video I ever seen for anyone who was curious

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  4. saskbob

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    I don't know if I would go to the far extreme of saying the videos are simply there to promote the music. I think of the visual creations that went into videos for Bjork and Radiohead,

    and video directors like Spike Jonze who have done lot's of music videos.

    In many ways in those works the video was influencing how you heard the song.

    "Smells like Teen Spirit" wouldn't have resonated like it did, without that pep rally gone wrong video, lol.

    But yeah for 95% of the time I'd rather listen to my music, but for the other 5% I love the music videos.
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