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Discussion in 'Gamer Chatter' started by Yeahbeer, Oct 10, 2014.

  1. Yeahbeer

    Yeahbeer Podcast Network Member

    What is/was your favorite handheld gaming device.
  2. RPT

    RPT Guru Meditation Error

    It has to be the Nintendo DS for me. I know it's kind of obvious given it's massive sales numbers but that huge install base allowed for all sorts of weird and wacky games to get released.
  3. Gruel

    Gruel Hulkamaniac

    As much as I have enjoyed my Vita, DS and 3DS in more recent years, I am going to have to give my pick to the original GameBoy. I got it as a Christmas gift shortly after it came out. I only got two games a year for it on Christmas and on my Birthday and that was pretty much the only new games I played on the system from 1991-1995, minus an occasional game swap with a classmate. Sometimes I got stuck with a dud like the first two ports of Mortal Kombat on GameBoy, other times I played the hell out of quality Nintendo games like Ken Griffey Jr. Baseball and Donkey Kong Land instead. Many many good memories staying up late in bed, family road trips and summers on the farm playing my small library of GameBoy games more than any other handheld.

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