Galloping Ghost Arcade's Expansion Plans and Fund-Raiser

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    The GALLOPING GHOST ARCADE will be holding a fund-raiser to help with the expenses of a new expansion and all the new elements we are hoping to add to the arcade. In our recent announcements, we mentioned doing a Kickstarter to raise the funds, but by holding this fund-raiser first we are better able to use the money that is donated. The Kickstarter fees could be up to 10 percent, so with the fund-raiser we are able use the donation money more effectively. We will still be doing the Kickstarter after the fund-raiser, as Kickstarter does reach a huge amount of people globally.

    Much of what we are adding was to be part of the arcade from the beginning, but it has taken a tremendous amount of time and effort to make the arcade the largest in the world and one of the best. Now we hope to take GALLOPING GHOST ARCADE to a whole new level and make it even bigger and better than ever. More arcade games, more pinball, better streaming, more staff, more console gaming, PC gaming and much more.

    If you have been to the arcade you know how much arcade gaming means to us. If you haven't been to the arcade please listen to some of the testimonials from people who come here and have been explained in great detail what we are hoping to add.

    Every dollar helps. We will need the help of everyone in the community to help us grow to be the gaming utopia we hope to achieve.

    We thank you for all your support and help in making this happen.

    Doc Mack
    Galloping Ghost Arcade
    Galloping Ghost Productions


    We have officially launched the GALLOPING GHOST ARCADE fund-raiser, for all of our massive upgrades and expansion plans! Again, we are doing the fund-raiser before our Kickstarter to save on the fees incurred by KickStarter... this allows us to use your donation to the maximum efficiency. We are looking to add a third building that will allow us to have 300+ MORE arcade games, MORE pinball (with full time access, PC gaming, console gaming, MORE streaming, more events and more staff)! We have received generous donations from some of our regulars and have been getting a lot of support from industry legends, so we are hopeful in meeting our goals! Please check out our fund-raiser page to donate, or we have donation buckets set up at the arcade if you wish to donate in person!
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Discussion in 'Articles' started by ghostlord, Jan 29, 2014.

  1. Randum
    YES! This place is fantastic and HIGHLY suggest anyone making a long trip out for MGC, come in a day early or stay later and take a trip out - totally worth it! And the staff is great too!
  2. Boric
    Man... if I lived there and had the cash, I'd totally be dropping money on the decade long pass!

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