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Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Boric, Jan 1, 2017.

  1. ChryZ

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    16. Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders (FM Towns, 2017/04/11, ~6 hours)

    The release of Thimbleweed Park reminded me, that I've never played the 256 colors version of Zak McKracken. The graphics and sampled CD audio are a major step up from the C64 version. It's mindmending that the two releases were only 2 years apart. This version of the point'n'click adventure graced amazingly well. The puzzles are manageable, the mazes are still infuriating as simple as they are. I've enjoyed the revisit of this classic a lot.

  2. RayG

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    000003 - Panzer Dragoon Saga- 15/04/17 - Sega Saturn(emulated) - Supposedly one of the best Japanese RPGs ever made! Well I can tell you that it's pretty good! I love that the combat is a kind of active time, position based, menu/shooter hybrid thing and the story of a future dealing with an ancient legacy far more advanced that anything they could imagine is something I adore. I wouldn't say the story is anything special though, too many games that came out at that time told it better (PLAY MEGAMAN LEGENDS), but I did like it. Also, I LOVE the low poly/resolution graphic/art style. It's beautiful.

    Oh and it's short! It took me 16 and a half hours to finish it, so that's a plus!
  3. ChryZ

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    17. Cosmic Cavern 3671 / 宇宙最大の地底最大の作戦 (Steam, 2017/04/15, 4.1 hours)

    The background of this "arcade" game is pretty interesting. I've first noticed this gem on Steam's Greenlight. It looked like something from the Z80 era of arcade machines, reading the description turned my interest to 11. The original design was from a BASIC listing published in a Japanese computer magazine in the 80s. 6000 lines of code you could type into your MZ-80 (lol, it WAS a Z80 after all) to play this home-brew for free. The game gained lots of popularity, because its gameplay allowed a fair amount of creativity on "how to survive the longest" with sandbox like randomness. You have to protect your base from invading hostiles by digging a clever maze to slowdown the incoming threat and to reduce their numbers. There are some parallels to Dig Dug, Cosmic Cavern predates it by 2 years though. Fast forward 36 years and Cosmic Cavern was remixed and re-released with sprite work by Hiroshi Ono. Who made the pixel art for Dig Dug! Amazing how things went full circle. Cosmic Cavern and especially the "3671" remake are still a lot of fun. It's pretty much endless, score- and survival based. There's no finishing the game, so I marked this one as completed after getting 100% of the achievements.

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  4. teran36

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    13-Digimon World: Next Order

    For the love of god I put over 200hrs. in this game.
    I found evolving digimon to be quite addictive.
    The story was not that good, nothing special about the gameplay.
    But damn, I had a hard time putting it down
  5. ChryZ

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    18. INSIDE (Steam, 2017/04/22, 3.5 hours)

    Perfect, this game is perfect. People who played Limbo will feel at home right away. Many similarities, INSIDE is also a side scrolling diorama with lots of platforming, physics and logic puzzles. The tone, premise, motivation and story do differ immensely. Playdead's new game is more mature, dystopian and bleaker. Moments of dark humor are still present though. The tech, powering the experience, also improved. The animation, and the physics of it, is on a whole new level. The visuals sport very little to no textures, but that's okay: lighting, spotlights and shadow casting are stars of the show. The audio design is mostly ambient and character driven. It's so effective, that I had to mute my DAC a couple of times. Just to check, if it was my heartbeat ringing inside my closed-back headphones. The flow of the gameplay is just a joy, INSIDE controls so well. Brilliant experience, which I will revisit for sure.
  6. teran36

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