Game Completion Thread 2017

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Boric, Jan 1, 2017.

  1. ChryZ

    ChryZ Chaos Engineer

    40. Until Dawn (PS4, 2017/09/05, ~6-7 hours, roughly two DualShock4 charges)

    It took me a bit to warm up to this icy horror adventure. The millennial college brats annoyed me so much. Luckily the classic "cabin in the woods" situation offered plenty of chances to lose a few. Ironically enough, I've completed the game with two survivors: my most favorite character and my least liked one. The whole experience is very movie like, but only slightly more interactive than Dragon's Lair. The quick time events were uncalled for, something similar games already solved more elegantly. The visuals, sound design, mo-cap, character models, yoga pants and animation are all top notch. The resulting atmosphere got almost ruined by cheap jump scares. Until Dawn sports some serious production value with a few b level hold backs. The overall package is definitely worth a play through.
  2. ChryZ

    ChryZ Chaos Engineer

    41. Pink Hour (Steam, 2017/09/07, 0.2 hours)

    This free appetizer for Kero Blaster is only one level, very brief, but sweet. The gameplay is very basic, yet fun, platforming while blasting everything in your path. The sprite work is adorable. Nice little chiptune and story really get you in the mood for more.

    42. Pink Heaven (Steam, 2017/09/07, 0.3 hours)

    This free sequel to the first appetizer for Kero Blaster is only one level, very brief, but sweet. The gameplay is very basic, yet fun, platforming while blasting everything in your path. There's an item pick up and it adds a little bit more depth. The demo level sports also more complexity in design. The pixels are kawaii. Nice little chiptune and story really get you in the mood for even more.

  3. ChryZ

    ChryZ Chaos Engineer

    43. Kero Blaster (Steam, 2017/09/10, 3.8 hours)

    The free appetizers Pink Hour and Pink Heaven were great, but the main dish is even better. You have to run&gun, collect new weapons and abilities. Game design somewhere set between 8 and 16 bit. The gameplay is well tuned and sports more depth than expected. Nice chiptunes and a neat little story keep you playing. I've blasted through the whole game in one session. Definitely one of the better low-bit platformers released lately.

  4. Anim8td_fan

    Anim8td_fan Ambassador of Awesomeness Staff Member

    6. [XB1] Titanfall 2 (9/10/17)
  5. ChryZ

    ChryZ Chaos Engineer

    44. Epistory - Typing Chronicles (Steam, 2017/09/17, 7.5 hours)

    This game is keyboard exclusive. You even have to navigate its menu via typing. This story rich exploration game got stellar art, music and narration. The game world looks paper crafted and new areas unfold like tile based origami. The real time battles are fought by typing words appearing over enemies, the faster you type, the faster you kill, the easier crowd control gets. Different skill unlocks give further depth to each fight and some tactical assessment is required. The changing environments and dungeon like sub sections mix things up with easy logic and dexterity puzzles. Epistory is refreshingly unique and fun to play. The game isn't going to teach you blind 10 fingers typing, but it will help to improve in a playful manner. I'm not sure how the game scales in difficulty. I'm able to blind type with 10 fingers and the game felt easy and relaxing to me.

  6. teran36

    teran36 Bronze - Well-known

    29- Valkyria Revolution

    I liked it, I did not play the other games in the series but I enjoyed my time with this one
  7. teran36

    teran36 Bronze - Well-known

    30- Tokyo Xanadu

    I will be buying it again for ps4
  8. ChryZ

    ChryZ Chaos Engineer

    45. SATAZIUS (Steam, 2017/09/25, 1.3 hours)

    This SHMUP is definitely inspired by more traditional shoot 'em ups like Gradius and R-Type. The sprite work, enemies, stages aren't stellar, but also not horrible and do have a certain hobbyist handcrafted charm. The gameplay is well tuned and strikes the right balance in terms of difficulty.

  9. teran36

    teran36 Bronze - Well-known

    31- Utawarerumono Mask of Deception

    Fantastic story, can't wait to see how it ends up
  10. ChryZ

    ChryZ Chaos Engineer

    46. Star Fox 2 (SNES, 2017/09/29, 1.5 hours)

    Nice to see this game finally released as faithful and unapologetic as it gets. The framerate is clearly not up to today's standards, but serviceable given the context of its platform and background. The 3rd person view flight is still well tuned and fun. The gameplay got supplemented with RTS elements instead of the linear paths of the original. Some battle locations feature fairly open areas and even environmental puzzles. The Star Fox series always reminded me of Starglider 2, which I played for endless hours on Amiga. The first game was more of an arcade style adaptation, but the second one got closer to Starglider 2. I even asked Dylan Cuthbert directly and he confirmed the similarities not being accidental. I've enjoyed clearing this blast from the past, but wish Nintendo hadn't held it back and released the game in its time.
  11. teran36

    teran36 Bronze - Well-known

    32- Horizon Zero Dawn
  12. ChryZ

    ChryZ Chaos Engineer

    47. Cuphead (Steam, 2017/10/18, 27 hours)

    What a swell game and then some! The gameplay is mostly hardcore jump'n'run with shooting and dashing. There are a few SHMUP stages too. The game plays very well and is a lot of fun. The biggest party piece is the presentation though. It's spot on 30s classic animation including a swinging soundtrack, projection and film artifacts. Cuphead isn't easy, but ultimately doable with some trial&error and muscle memory conditioning. The visuals aren't just eye candy since the enemies do telegraph their attacks with exaggerated animations and audio queues. This game is definitely unique and an instant classic.

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  13. teran36

    teran36 Bronze - Well-known

    33- Mass Effect Andromeda

    I don't see why all the hate for this game.
    I liked it
  14. ChryZ

    ChryZ Chaos Engineer

    48. Yakuza Zero (PS4, 2017/11/04, 61 hours)

    It's really a story from zero to hero. This whole origin story is really well done. Zero is a great starting point for people who are new to the series. Long running fans are also in for a treat. The events aren't matching the scale of the other Yakuza games, but its drama high points are up there and as impact full as ever. Gameplay, systems are super refined and manage to hit the sweet spot balance of familiarity and fresh ideas. The 80s setting was a bit hit and miss. It was spot on for all things technology, but for fashion, hairstyles and AV starlets it could have been more accurate. Yakuza Zero is a wicked game and my second favorite in the franchise.

    49. Shikhondo - Soul Eater (Steam, 2017/11/11, 1 hour, 100%)

    This bullet hell SHMUP is great. Presentation and music are stellar. Gameplay is keeping it simple and uncomplicated. You dodge the bullet curtains, you shoot 'em up, you eat the souls of fallen yokai (ghosts). Everything is very competent, but a bit more variation in enemy formations and bullet patterns would have been nice. The multi phase bosses make up for this though. The game is running on Unity, so the beautiful visuals scale nicely to whatever res your display is supporting. I'm going to revisit Shikhondo a lot, such a fun game.

  15. teran36

    teran36 Bronze - Well-known

    34- Utawarerumono Mask of Truth
    35- Yakuza Kiwami
  16. teran36

    teran36 Bronze - Well-known

    36- Blue Reflecton
  17. ChryZ

    ChryZ Chaos Engineer

    50. Nail'd (Steam, 2017/11/26, 12.7 hours)

    I've missed MotorStorm, a lot, and this racing game did a pretty great job filling the void. Nail'd is "limited" to ATV and motocross bike. The tracks are vertical, narrow, twisted, demand agility and nimbleness. The racing is a joy, no excessive rubber banding, if you manage to carve out a lead; it's yours until you mess up. The events are varied, plentiful and make good use of the available options. Big ups for the optimization, the game runs like greased lightning while looking surprisingly stunning for a 7th gen game. 4K@60Hz brings out tons of detail, pleases with track readability and tight controls.
  18. teran36

    teran36 Bronze - Well-known

    37- Collar X Malice
  19. ChryZ

    ChryZ Chaos Engineer

    51. Wolfenstein: The New Order (PS4, 2017/12/10, 2.5 DS4 charges)

    The developer MachineGames did such a great job with this worthy addition to the series. Excellent gunplay, relentless enemies, pure evil to be purged are the perfect excuse for this epic FPS killing spree. The alternative history setting allowed for such fun and crazy events. The story and its characters not sugar coating the horrors of fascism. There are a few nasty difficulty spikes due to level design, hostiles combination and placement. Some trial&error is required to solve certain fire fight puzzles. I've enjoyed this wicked shooter a lot.
  20. ChryZ

    ChryZ Chaos Engineer

    52. Claybook [Early Access] (Steam, 2017/12/22, 3.5 hours)

    It took one single gif on a re-tweet to get me on board. You open your Claybook, pick a chapter (read level) and mess around. There are objectives, puzzles and challenges. Clearing them will be rewarded with up to 3 stars. There's a timer and an online leader board for each level. You don't have to compete though. It's pretty easy to make your own fun, toy around with a co-op buddy, create your own levels and even publish them via Steam Workshop. The gameplay itself is a bit like Katamari Damacy. You roll around in various shapes, dig into and add clay. There are lots of physics and dynamic liquids. The player's movement can be rewind, so even the most demanding maneuver can be saved and frustration is kept to a casual minimum. This game is a lot of fun. Everything seems in place, even for its Early Access status. There could be more content, but the devs already added more chapters with various updates. I will definitely revisit this unique gem once it was released proper.

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