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Discussion in 'ABOG Podcast' started by Fivespot, Jan 28, 2014.

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    Seems like the Grammy awards (music) and the Video Game Awards both have much in common in my opinion. For one, they're both not representative of the best the industry has to offer. The smaller, independents often times don't enter the conversation and as in most industries, money and advertising dollars seem to dictate the awards and content within.

    I know I've seen much talk about the VGAs in this regard but it dawned on me this AM that the Grammys have become kinda the same deal. I used to care more about the awards but now I realize that mostly just the big company released albums/songs are winners. The VGAs obviously seem to put more emphasis on the advertising of future games (game trailers) but I've also noticed that winners are usually just the big hitters. Hey, if a recent Call of Duty title is an award discussion... prob going to lose some integrity.

    There were a few gems however with the 2013 Grammy awards and I want to acknowledge them. Glad to see Steve Martin and Edie Brickell win Best American Roots Song for their instant classic Love Has Come For You. Well deserved (made my list of 2013 favorites). And best compilation went to Sound City: Reel to Reel.
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    Like most things it's all about the politics
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    For reference:
    Full list of Grammy Winners (Forbes):
    VGX, new name for VGA, Winners (Polygon):

    Upon further review, the 2013 VGX winners don't look so bad. In other words the games appropriately seem deserving based on the titles from this past year. Can't say the same for the Grammys however. There's far many, better albums and songs compared to some of the winners.

    Maybe it's just that my opinion varies from mainstream moreso with music than it does video games. Regardless I'm no longer a viewer of either event and instead just hit up YouTube the day after to see all the trailers/music performances of value I may have missed.
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    I am staying clear of the big award shows in both gaming and music. They are not a true representation of what most of us think and are a waste of time. Nowadays I love you can get your information from smaller venues and friends and they have no reason to bend a review or hype crap. I am much happier with my podcast listening and do more of that and much less reading on Gamespot or other venues. Too many handshaking deals and bs ...

    Musically it is difficult because each of us has a taste in what we love. I am very open to a lot of music but what I really like is a very small percentage. I know I am strange when it comes to my music.
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