Hyrule Warriors - What Do You Think?

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Prime, Aug 5, 2014.

  1. Prime

    Prime Desires Bionic Arm

    Hey guys, I wrote an opinion piece over at stupidlyepic.com - I (as a new Wii U owner) can't ignore Hyrule Warriors and as such, I'm curious to know what you guys think of the game. Will you be getting it, are you excited?! Or does it make you feel ill seeing such an amazing series turned into a simplistic button masher. Let me know in the comments below - and have a look at my opinion piece if you want to know exactly where I'm at in terms of this.
  2. GRSonic

    GRSonic Gotta Derp Fast!

    I'm actually okay with this considering that this is a spin-off of the Zelda-series. If this wasn't a spin-off and just called "Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Warriors", I'd probably be wondering why they'd bother with it. This is just pretty much a "fan-service"-game with "button-mashing" for the Zelda-fans.

    Besides, this game and some couple of other WiiU-only games are the one reason I'm getting a WiiU by the time this game is out. Mostly because I've become fond with these "Warriors"-style of gameplay. One Piece, Fist of North Star and Gundam with this style was enjoyable. (at least both One Piece Pirate Warriors-games)

    One wishing thought regarding the Warriors-gameplays, after seeing what's been done with Zelda for Hyrule Warriors, I kinda want Omega Force and KoeiTecmo just go and make another Warriors-themed game with Sonic.:rolleyes:
  3. Boric

    Boric The Netherfiend Staff Member

    Yeah, I'm with GRSonic on this one. It's clearly a spinoff, like Crossbow Training was previously (though this actually looks really fun). Every main Nintendo property has it's spinoffs, and they're usually surprisingly good (Metroid Pinball anyone?)

    So I have high hopes for this, and will definitely be picking it up at some point.
  4. Prime

    Prime Desires Bionic Arm

    I'm personally of the opinion that throwing the term "spinoff" around as if it's a good enough reason to make a game is a bad reason to be making a game in the first place. But I'm enjoying hearing what you guys think.
  5. saskbob

    saskbob Gold Member

    I don't know if spinoff is the word I would use. Spinoff to me means usually taking some ancillary but popular character and building another something new around that, similar to MGR: Revengeance. This is a mashup and I think those are usually cool. The more I watch that latest Nintendo Direct the more I think this looks more more like something I will buy.
  6. Boric

    Boric The Netherfiend Staff Member

    I'd agree that making a spinoff just to milk a franchise isn't always a good thing. And just the fact that it is a spinoff doesn't make it necessarily great. But Nintendo has been pretty darn successful with their spinoffs, making sure they have that same Nintendo "Seal of Quality".

    My feelings on the game aren't just because of it being a spinoff or a Nintendo title. But from my previous experience with Dynasty Warriors, and watching the videos and imagining getting lost in huge battles with characters I actually know and care about. I just don't know enough history to care about Wu Bu being attacked, but if Zelda or Tingle is in trouble, I'm hauling across a map to help them out. I'll be more vested in it.

    And true saskbob, this spinoff is more of a mashup with the Dynasty Warriors franchise. But I guess I just use the word "spinoff" like a side-story or Gaiden, whether or not it concerns main characters or ancilliary ones. In the world of games though, i suppose it's more likely to not be canon.

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