Poll: Interested in returning to music games and what is your preferred input device?

Discussion in 'ABOG Podcast' started by Fivespot, Mar 1, 2015.


Interested in returning to music games and what would be your preferred input device?

  1. I'd love to use my current collection of fake instruments again

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  2. I hope they develop new and improved fake instruments

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  3. I want to learn how to play actual instruments and have no desire to use fake ones

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  4. Motion detection would be perfect. I want to feel the music.

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  5. Bring back the classic input using a controller (a la Amplitude & Frequency)

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  6. I'm done with music games - no interest whatsoever

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  1. Fivespot

    Fivespot ABOG Podcast

    Recent talk of the Guitar Hero and Rock Band franchises have got me thinking about plastic instruments and if they still have a place in our current gaming culture.

    If you were into these games back when they were hugely popular, you probably have a small room filled with plastic pieces to play these titles. I recall having a full Rock Band set up (drums, keyboard, mic, guitar/bass) along with a couple different Guitar Hero guitars. When having friends over or hosting parties, the plastic instruments inevitably made it out and folks had a blast playing with them.

    Fast forward to today. These games are no longer a "thing" and it's difficult to even find new fake instruments on store shelves. Retailers have all since abandoned the product and I'd imagine are probably reluctant to start stocking them on their shelves again.

    This is all somewhat speculative however as the full plans for the next Rock Band and Guitar Hero games have yet to be fully revealed. Will they require NEW plastic instruments, can you use the old ones, or will they instead go a more realistic route like the current series Rocksmith which has an interface for a real guitar and a teaching interface for beginning players? Or perhaps they ditch the instruments entirely and offer up a motion detected experience or maybe just with a plain old controller.

    Where do you stand with the return of music games and what is your interest level in returning to the plastic instruments? Or would you prefer an alternative control mechanism and if so, what would that be?
  2. biffstix

    biffstix Bronze - Active

    For me I have no interest in the music game genre as a parent of two small children I do not have the time or money to re-invest into these games. They were fun back in the day and I hope it reaches a new generation of gamers but it's not for me.
  3. Trickman

    Trickman Co-Founder of this glorious place Staff Member

    For me, it was kind of a fad in gaming that I took part in because a lot of my friends were. It was fun to play with big groups, but I would rarely find myself wanting to continue playing songs without a group of others to play along with me. Good for get-togethers, bad for individual gaming. The plastic instruments just sit collecting dust now.

    Would I be interested in a comeback? I don't think I'd buy into a new set of plastic instruments at this point. If it was just the game itself that still used the instruments with an adapter to PS4, then maybe. I played DJ Hero a number of times, but not close to as much as Rock Band. Those turntables just sit there as well.

    If there is an actual comeback, I'll keep an eye on it, but again...I don't think I'll do a full-on investment into new peripherals unless there is some other amazingly addictive hook that wasn't introduced before. We'll see.

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