PS4 Firmware 2.0 Overview

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Plankfan, Aug 12, 2014.

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    Today at Gamescom, Sony announced the first major firmware update to its latest system scheduled to release this Fall. Expanding on the system's SHARE function, Firmware 2.0 will introduce a new feature titled "Share Play", which effectively allows you to form a virtual couch between yourself and another online player. For example, if a game only supports local co-op (Towerfall Ascension, Hotline Miami, etc.) Share Play will allow an online friend to join you in the game as though they were physically right next to you. Additionally, if you have encountered an especially tough section of a game that you just can't seem to get past, Share Play will allow an online friend to commandeer your controller, and assist you in getting past said section.

    Along with this new feature, Firmware 2.0 adds the ability for users to uploaded gameplay directly to YouTube, as well as introducing a dedicated YouTube App for the PS4. Finally, the "What's New" section of the PS4 Dashboard will be updated in real-time with friends' streams, trophies, and unlocks. The ability to search for friends via their real name will also be included in this update.

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  2. saskbob

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    Sounds pretty intriguing to me. Although I can see it not working on my connection very well as it's only 800 kbps up.
  3. Plankfan

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    Yeah, folks with slow speeds will be one of the biggest issues with this.
  4. Trickman

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    It may lower the res/textures to compensate for that. That's not the best compromise for the end user, but it'd at least be an option to keep it playable.
  5. JakeG92

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    It may even get you to download a small part of the game in order to keep the streaming strain to a minimum! :)
  6. Prime

    Prime Desires Bionic Arm

    I'm more interested in the Youtube Uploading... as a guy who likes to do Let's Plays of games, this is gonna be good :) Especially since I don't have a way to record games on my PS4 seeing as it's HDMI only.
  7. JakeG92

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    You can even conveniently upload in 15 minute chunks! ;)
  8. Trickman

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    It'll be quite interesting to see how all of these pan out.
  9. Trickman

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    "This Fall." No solid date yet, huh?
  10. Anim8td_fan

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    Share Play sounds really interesting since it pretty much adds online multiplayer to games that don't have it and a lot of those have been released or will be coming out soon.
  11. Shino

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    I'm still wondering where my suspend feature is. That's really the only one I care all that much about right now.

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