Record Collecting- What did you buy?

Discussion in 'ABOG Podcast' started by Fivespot, Feb 16, 2014.

  1. Fivespot

    Fivespot ABOG Podcast

    Starting a thread for record collectors out there like myself who want to share new purchases.

    The world of record collecting, like retro-gaming, has many treasures to be found. With the recent resurgence in the media format, all sorts of re-releases are coming out to varying degrees of quality so be helpful to share and discuss prices, quality, etc..

    I'll get things started. Went to a local record fair today at Serb Hall in West Allis, WI. There were maybe 20-25 different vendors set up (mostly just individuals who pack their trunks and travel show to show) tables containing records, cassettes, CD's, live DVD, music/concert posters and the like. Cost of entry was $3 however there was a $1 off coupon in a local free newspaper.

    I went to this event with record shopping in mind. Didn't even peruse the cassettes, CD's or anything other than records. Picked up, all used and in great condition:

    Eric Johnson - Tones $5
    My all-time favorite Eric Johnson song, A Trail of Tears, is on this record)

    James Gang - Thirds $4
    Classic Joe Walsh/Southern Rock and my first James Gang record. Big fan!

    Rush - Power Windows $8
    Been looking for this one for a while now. One of my fave Rush records. Been listening to the CD for years and this will be my first time even hearing it on vinyl.

    Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid (Bob Dylan Soundtrack) $10
    Amazing album for acoustic guitar and for setting a mellow mood. No vocals. My wife Shay wouldn't have let me in the house upon returning home if I didn't buy this record. Another one we've been searching for some time now.

    Spent a total of $27 and although I could have came away with a more impressive, long list, I felt like I had to get out of there before I spent a small fortune. Can't wait until the next time a record fair like this comes through town. Get to know the vendors and learn who's vinyl is in the best shape (after taking home this time and spinning a couple).
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  2. Trickman

    Trickman Co-Founder of this glorious place Staff Member

    This isn't extremely recent, but there was a record store in Michigan that a friend of mine took me to over the holidays. I can't for the life of me remember the name, but I guess I could check with him later. Anyway, they had a ton of 33 rpm records, record players for sale and the like. Then I went into a back room area and was completely blown away. They had the most 45's and singles I had ever seen in my life in one place. I spent most of my time scouring around for "Kid Stuff" records and the like -- the ones to do with video games, as I collect those. I was kind of disappointed that I didn't find any on my want list, but I did come across a few copies of Pac-Man Fever on 45 rpm - the one with the instrumental version on the back. I'm pretty sure I was 7 yrs. old when I got it as a birthday present from my sister. I played it so much that I wore it out and it started skipping in some places. Now it's wall decor. But the one I just recently found was in pretty good condition. They guy running the store let me have it for $1. Not too shabby, and now I have a backup that plays well.
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  3. Fivespot

    Fivespot ABOG Podcast

    Friend picked up an album but decided after hearing it that he really doesn't like it enough to be able to spin full sides He only likes a couple tunes on the album and said the "filler" songs aren't doing it for him. He, like myself, prefers when listening to vinyl to sit down and listen to full album or at least, a full album side either A or B.

    This album specifically I mentioned to him during the record fair that my wife would have liked it (had he not grabbed it himself). So, knowing this, he sold it to me for the same price he paid. The things we do for marriage.

    INXS- Kick $5
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  4. Fivespot

    Fivespot ABOG Podcast

    That's a very specific record-collecting market there (video game related records) but I really like that! Very collectible I'm sure to find and keep some of those. I'll have to start keeping an eye out for this 'genre' to see if I can find you any of those rarities.

    I own Pac Man Fever on vinyl and it's the copy I bought back when I was just a kid and as such, since was even played on my first Fisher Price player, is all scratched up. Still plays but pops and crackles bad. And don't have the cover any longer which was almost the best part. I remember picking it up new on clearance at either Target or Kmart (that was a long time ago so hard to recall). I think it was like $1.99. That price and with that cover (having never even heard a tune) I bought it. Went in looking for an AC/DC record but those were much more expensive. Budgeting my allowance I guess.
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  5. Fivespot

    Fivespot ABOG Podcast

    I picked up a copy of the brand new Beck album- Morning Phase. Got it for $22 off Amazon because I was too anxious to get to a local record shop (which isn't very close by). Ended up with an extra d/l code; one from the Amazon rip and then one in the packaging. It's a great record and I'll share a clip on next episode of ABOG podcast.
  6. ChryZ

    ChryZ Chaos Engineer

    I used to receive vinyl as payment when I did flyers for a record store many years ago. Still got them, still collect physical music media but prefer CDs for lossless audio, free of any surface noise. The format is more handy and versatility to me. I love to hunt for out-of-print releases and spend way too much time on , awesome site for physical media collectors.
  7. Fivespot

    Fivespot ABOG Podcast

    Wow, I want that job.

    I appreciate the versatility of CDs but mp3's has replaced that versatility for me. I now either listen to music via iPhone or sitting down and enjoying the vinyl. So the two types of media are separated for me.

    I'm familiar with discogs and love that site. I've been meaning to get my whole collection up on there. It's great for confirming which version/variant of a record I have (or before I buy).
  8. Trickman

    Trickman Co-Founder of this glorious place Staff Member

    That's an entire other hobby that I would probably get into if it weren't for gaming (and Retroids to be quite honest) taking up all my free time. I only go so far as the rare video game-related specifics (as mentioned above).

    A little off-topic --- The other hobby I would get into that's also music-related — DJ-ing. I think it'd be fun. I have a cheapo setup that I can run thru my laptop just for fun if the mood strikes me, but I'm currently a real noob at it. :rolleyes:;)
  9. ChryZ

    ChryZ Chaos Engineer

    I meant with versatility of CDs, that it serves me in both of those scenarios. Converting CDs to lossless flac files takes only 2-3 minutes, I can enjoy them on my home theater PC (big speakers), on my desktop (headphones, studio monitors) and on my smartphone since 64GB micro sd cards got really cheap. Having the physical media as backup and handy for old school playback is, as weird as it sounds, a nice value add.


    I really enjoy good audio and lossless sources make sense for my setups, e.g. on my PC: external DAC (digital to analog converter) and studio grade monitors, xlr wired <3
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  10. Fivespot

    Fivespot ABOG Podcast

    Can completely relate. I'm cool with anyone who enjoys music regardless of their favorite method for doing so. I grew up in the 70's/80's and, at that time, was listening to music via analog formats. When CD's were introduced and the technology became reasonable to afford, I made the jump like most everyone else did. Enjoyed that media type for many of years but for some reason have fond memories of, and wanted to get back to, the analog format that got me started. It's nostalgia. It's the love of the "warmth" in that sound.

    As an amateur musician who has recorded projects throughout the years, I also appreciate the differences there as well. Analog vs. digital recording processes and all that is good/bad with both. Back before digital music, obviously analog was the format used so all the albums recorded/mixed/pressed in analog, were fine tuned specifically for that format. In other words, if you listen to an album from the 60's, that's how the artist wanted you to hear their music. CD's and remastering can change the audio quality/presentation/levels slightly. So being the giant music nerd that I am- I like having the old records in a format it was intended and I love the sound of analog in general.

    Now new music being pressed on vinyl, that's a whole different discussion. My favorite modern releases include the record and a CD (some do that). That's the best of both worlds as you end up with pretty much every format in that one box.
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  11. ChryZ

    ChryZ Chaos Engineer

    Funny how you mentioned "warmth" of analog, I specifically picked up that DAC because it's known to have a warmer, more analogue sound. It doubles as my headphone amp too and I quickly noticed that even at louder volume its sound would never fatigue my hearing as much as other amps I used before. Clean sound with a bit of warmth, best of both world sorta deal.

    Your comments about production are spot on, props.
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  12. Fivespot

    Fivespot ABOG Podcast

    Haven't posted in a while because I haven't bought any records recently. Like video games, got a back log I've been working through but now I'm all caught up and are itching to get out there to do some record shopping. Plus Record Store Day is coming up here shortly (third Saturday in April) so lots of record shopping in my future.

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