Scoreboard Contest for March - Run 'N Gun Rampage

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    The Retroids Videolympics Scoreboard presents our eighth official online contest - RUN 'N GUN RAMPAGE. Any Run 'N Gun genre console game is eligible for the scoreboard in March to win a $20 gift card from (must be a score-based or time-based game played on default settings). This contest will end on March 31, 2014.

    Note: Any console (except no arcade and no computer) game is allowed in this contest for high score attempts including portable system games as long as they follow the Retroids Videolympics Scoreboard rules. (For official rules, please visit the official Videolympics Scoreboard rules thread).

    Required settings:

    All console games must be at their default settings when trying for high scores unless otherwise noted. Any questions on specific game settings, please visit the official Videolympics Scoreboard rules thread.

    Play any one or all of the games LIVE over or via YouTube and submit your high score(s) to our Retroids Videolympics Scoreboard.

    Please fill out and enter your high score in the High Score Submission Form.

    Score chase for the #1 position for bragging rights!

    All verified scores will appear on the Videolympics Scoreboard on, or may be accessed by going to

    All scoreboard contest entries for the month of March have a chance of winning a $20 Amazon gift card. Enter scores on multiple platforms to increase your chances of winning! Multiple entries are allowed, but only the top score for the game per system by each individual player will be considered when drawing a winner for the prize.

    Disclaimer: No purchase necessary. Players must use original game hardware and software to be eligible, per the official rules (Playing Virtual Console versions of games will count as Virtual Console attempts instead of original NES, SNES, Genesis, etc. title scores). Retroids scorekeepers reserve the right to disqualify any score they determine does not meet all required criteria. Players will need to register for free accounts with, and (if using for recording score attempts) or YouTube (if using YouTube for recording score attempts) in order to submit scores. All approved entries submitted from March 1st through March 31st will be eligible to win the prize. There will be a random drawing for the prize after the contest has ended (Please allow several days after the contest has ended for a winner to be announced). Winners will be contacted via Retroids private message to obtain prize mailing information. Must be 13 or older to participate on the website and in the contest. Good luck, everyone!
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Discussion in 'Articles' started by Trickman, Mar 3, 2014.

  1. LudicrousDa3ve
    Time to bust out Gunstar Heroes. :) Would Sin & Punishment count? It's a run n gun... but in 3D, on rails. Kinda strides into weird territory.
  2. Trickman
    I would probably put that in an on-rails shooter category. IMO that's a new category by itself, so I think in this instance, it wouldn't fit. Wikipedia defines this it as a "Cabal Shooter" -- kind of a sub-genre of a shooting gallery type of game.

    Maybe try to stick to this list. If it's not on this list and you have a question about it, I'll be happy to answer it for you. Thanks!
  3. LudicrousDa3ve
    Sounds good, sir! I didn't even think about Dynamite Headdy, and iffy on Vectorman. This is gonna be a busy month. :D
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