Street Fighter V Scrubs Unite! (Fighter IDs)

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Prime, Feb 18, 2016.

  • by Prime, Feb 18, 2016 at 5:16 PM
  • Prime

    Prime Desires Bionic Arm

    Hey folks, now that Street Fighter V is out and we'll all be wanting to hammer as much time into earning fight money as possible, I thought it prudent to make a topic so we can all find each other. Lobbies still aren't properly implemented and won't be until next month, but if you guys want to share your SFV Fighter IDs so we can all add each other for future matches and meetups/gamer nights this is the place to do it. It makes it all the better knowing the game is platform agnostic, meaning PC and PS4 players can fight each other too!

    Anyway, my Fighter ID is D2FXPrime (Same as my twitter handle) add me! And if you see me on, gimme a match or two! Bring it!

    If you want to discuss the future of the game or gamer nights/meetups in here as well, feel free!
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Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Prime, Feb 18, 2016.

  1. Anim8td_fan
    My SF5 Fighter ID is Anim8td. Same as my Twitter handle as well.
  2. GRSonic
    Throwing out my Fighter-ID, GRSonic. The same handle as most of my usernames on internet. (with the biggest exception being my PSN-ID)
  3. LudicrousDa3ve
    My ID is LudicrousDa3ve. Same handle as PSN, XBL, NNID, Steam, you name it!
    I'll get to adding everyone asap.
  4. Two_Hands_Revy
    My ID:
    1) TwoHandsRevy
    2) Ryuko_Matoi (fun account*)

    PSN: Two_Hands_Revy
  5. Boric

    Thankfully after my latest graphics card update, the game is playable on the lowest settings on my PC finally :)
  6. Randum
    So great to see everyone playing SF again! I enjoyed some pick up games with Eddy the other night, Scott and Geoff too!

    My id is 'Randum'
  7. Prime
    I've been taking it upon myself recently to document all of my online matches, wins and losses, all of them ranked. I have another 22 to upload, but here is a playlist for the first 16 from when I decided to record them - you know, just in case you want to study up on my Dhalsim ;)

    Click here for the playlist, more will be added daily!
  8. GRSonic
    Now that the 8-player lobby is finally out, maybe its time to start up some ScrubSport, SFV-gaming night or something?

    Been away from SFV due to the content from launch and Platinuming some few games, so this is a good time to go back to SFV for some online fun.
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  9. Prime
    Yeah man, I want to do some kind of gamernight, that'd be quite cool. Especially now that we have Alex and other upcoming characters to look forward to on a monthly basis (except in June, that's the big story mode update)

    Keep in mind to do everything you can, as well, folks. Challenge mode for every character, Alex's story and even going through all of the non-interactive demonstrations nets you fight money, so if you're finding it hard by grinding 50 per ranked match, do all the new stuff! I even had some fight money to spare and bought me some Dhalsim alt colours!
  10. Plankfan
    Picked the game up on the cheap, ID is Plankfan as per usual. I'm really bad at the game as I am most fighters; so hit me up if you need a few easy wins!
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  11. saskbob
    Mine is Saskbob , I'm down to play. Really enjoying the game other than I can never beat anyone at it.
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  12. Prime
    I'll add both of you next time I'm on, and network permitting, we can have some lag free matches :)
  13. Trickman
    I forgot my ID. I'll have to look it up next time I pop in the game.
  14. Prime
    Anyone still interested in having some matches? I've only played online with GRSonic at this point, come on folks, the game is still fun! :D
  15. Boric
    I'd love to, unfortunately my computer is pretty iffy about playing the game at full speed (on the lowest settings), so I imagine that may make online matches pretty rough. Gonna try to save up to replace this PC soon... especially since nVidia just announced their new 1070 and 1080 cards that seem to have a lot of bang for the buck
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