The Bounty: Deluxe Edition (PC, Wii U,) GoFundMe ends 11/20!

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    An update on the previous thread found at

    So, we're ending at the end of 11/20/15!
    Some updates- I've moved the game into a new engine, and it's also heading to Nintendo Wii U, as well as Mac and mobile next year! The perks have been updated as well- they include:

    Listing in the Credits
    Digital Wii Uâ„¢ and PC versions
    Become a character in the game
    Boxed Physical Copy (PC only) (limited run of 50, 21 remaining at time of writing!)

    Every official reward level also includes a Steam Key for my upcoming retro arcade game, Bug Attack!.

    You can check it out, grab the PC beta demo (old engine), and back the game at

    Thanks for all the support!

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