VGEvo Returns!

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    By now, you may be wondering why you’re seeing a new VGEvo logo on the website that resides at Long story short, we’re restructuring and rebranding our online properties to better reflect and represent our endeavors now and in the future.

    VGEvo (which stands for Video Game Evolution) itself started as a three man endeavor and soon went to two administrators (Ken and Terry) for a long time. From its launch in 2007 at the Midwest Gaming Classic, its focus was the evolution of gaming—from Pong to PlayStation and beyond as well as a strong community of network gaming podcasts and people that just liked to talk about and play games. In 2010, the website was updated with a cleaner interface and a new name. This did not sit well with many, but the founders were determined to get back to the reasons we started the website in the first place; fun with our favorite hobby—video games!


    For more than three years we made continuous efforts to move our parent company name (Retroids) to the forefront and (after a tragic data loss) we decided to begin again and give the website a fresh, new user-friendly interface with all the bells and whistles a video game community could handle. But, we were still fighting an uphill battle with a name that had a rapport with only some, but not most of our users. So, the website name is back to VGEvo once more. Retroids will remain the parent company (soon to have its own web page) and will point to its properties underneath its umbrella (Yes, VGEvo will not be Retroids’ only property—more on that at a later date).

    Focus on video

    You’ll notice in the coming days, weeks and months that we’ll be putting a lot of effort into our videos and our new YouTube channel. This is a brand new endeavor, so please bear with us as we delve into a medium we’re not extremely familiar with just yet. Ken, Terry and Paul will be putting up some fun and interesting videos, and we’d appreciate you spreading the word about them and giving us feedback as well. Another part of our videos will be to give more focus to the people that make our gaming community great—all of you! Podcasters, web video casters, live streamers, score chasers, etc.—we want to give you the opportunity to tell your stories as well. So, if you think there’s something interesting that we can cover, please let us know.

    We can’t do it without you!

    So, what can you do as members of the VGEvo community? Glad you asked! The existence of this website is due to the administrative efforts of three founders and remains to this day an out-of-pocket endeavor. In order to keep our costs to a minimum, we’d ask that everyone try and tell others about our website. In order to grow, we need traffic and ultimately members. Please tweet and retweet about the goings on of Retroids and support our other social media channels (all found at the bottom left of the front page of the website). Our banner ads are also focused and very unintrusive. It would help us a great deal if you click on them to help us monetize a bit. Upgrading your account to Gold status is another way you can support us and the site. Finally, we have a shop that we are in the midst of upgrading with a name change and we will soon be offering new VGEvo shirt designs and merchandise for purchase. Stay tuned!

    You can expect some continuous changes in the weeks and months to come (If something’s broken, please don’t hesitate to tell us). We’re hoping you’ll join us in rebuilding our brand and introducing it to many more people along the way.

    Be sure to bookmark this website as to get here directly in the future. We hope you will enjoy the new plans we have in store. Thanks everyone, and enjoy!
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Discussion in 'Articles' started by Trickman, Jun 30, 2014.

  1. Boric
    Checks calendar to make sure it isn't April 1st.., nope.

    Well huzzah for the return of VGEvo branding! I'm also excited to hear about the future plans for the Retroids company in general and what else may fall under that umbrella. Also looking forward to the updated shop, as I could use some new duds :)
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  2. biffstix
    didn't see this coming...can't to see what coming up in the near future
  3. ChryZ

    Can you please make up your mind and stick with one freaking branding for longer than 5 minutes!? :p
  4. RayG
    I think I shouldn't have messed with that time machine! Either I've come back to the wrong time or I've altered history!!!:eek:
  5. Trickman
    LOL...I didn't know 3-4 years equated to 5 minutes, but okay. ;) We promise we'll try to stick with the name this time.
  6. ChryZ
    Suuuure, until the next site crash (conveniently) removes all evidence of said promise. I know your tricks, Trickman ;)

    *runs for cover*
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  7. saskbob
    I have to say I'm happy. I felt the retroids thing made a lot of people feel that this place was being steered towards retrogaming scoreboarding as it's main reason for existence. and let's face it, I think that was the idea for awhile.

    I really think a return to specific forums for specific platforms (WiiU, PS4, Xbox One) is needed to really return to what the VGevo name really was about. Sure PSNation pointed a lot of folks here but there was alot of subgroups completely unrelated to Playstation that were served with the old forum format.
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  8. Savory Cade
    Bwaaaaaaaaaaah!? My VGEvo T-shirt is relevant again! :eek:
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  9. MikePSN08
    I have 2 VGEVO shirts left ..One retroid..and now one confused
  10. Trickman
    Thanks for your input. No doubt there's a lot of work ahead. We will make only make changes to forum structures, etc. if posting traffic merits it and right now that's not the case. If we are going to break things out by systems again, we'll have to see a lot of separate system postings. Otherwise, we'll just be seeing specialized subgroups with no traffic.

    As I said earlier in my article, more updates/changes are coming and our hope is that you’ll join us in rebuilding our brand and introducing it to many more people along the way.

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