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Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Trickman, Mar 5, 2015.

  1. Trickman

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    Shame, should've played that video game! :p

    Alright, we're not "shaming" anyone here, but I did want to create a thread dedicated to the games and/or franchises that you've never played. We're not talking crappy games here either. These were generally regarded as "good" or "great" games or series overall by the public. Maybe it was a time in your life where you just weren't into video games. Maybe you just can't stand a certain genre of games. Maybe you got into some series of video games for a long time and just missed all the others. *shrug* Who knows? But for one reason or another, these are the games and/or series you missed for one reason or another. So, what's your 'video game shame?' I'll start.

    I've never played...

    Any games in this franchise/series:
    Devil May Cry
    The Witcher
    Final Fantasy (except FFVII for maybe a couple of hours just to see what it was like)
    Monster Hunter
    Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell
    Forza Motorsport
    Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
    Dragon Quest (Warrior)
    Dragon Age
    Max Payne
    Sam & Max

    Any of these games:
    The Legend of Zelda II
    World of Warcraft
    Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem
    Black & White
    Resident Evil 4
    GTA: San Andreas
    GTA 4
    GTA 5
    Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty
    Batman: Arkham City
    LittleBigPlanet 2
    The Walking Dead
    Far Cry 3
    The Last of Us
    Uncharted 3
    Bioshock: Infinite
    Dark Souls 2
    Grim Fandango

    I'll add to my initial thread as I think of more.
  2. RayG

    RayG Who's my next challenger?

    I think by now we've all realised that I don't exactly play the latest high profile games :p And I feel NO shame in that, we need to stamp out of our minds the idea that we have to consume everthing then and there or we're not doing it right! Generally, if I do play the bigger known games, I don't play them until way later, half because it becomes easier to obtain games the older they get but also the whole hype whirlwind has long since died down and I can be more honest with them and myself. Having said that, I have played tiny bits of games on other peoples systems or with a random demo so I can't say I've never ever played any of these games at least in part, it's just I've always been drawn to stranger more interesing things.

    Wait, I need to add to the list..... Um, Oh! Call of Duty!
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  3. CrashBomber

    CrashBomber Amplified Gamers Co-host

    Games I own and have not played:

    Yakuza 4
    Quake 4
    Darksiders II
    Remember Me
    Puzzle Agent 2
    The Swapper
    Legend of Grimrock
    The Witcher 2
  4. saskbob

    saskbob Gold Member

    Wow terry, I find it amazing that you haven't played any of the GTA's from San Andreas onwards but have played Demon's Souls and Dark Souls. Pretty impressive.

    I think the biggest ones i've never played that people go on and on about are the KOTOR games as well as Baulders Gate and ummm, The Walking Dead ( loved the comics, never felt the slightest urge to play the games or watch the TV series)
  5. Trickman

    Trickman Co-Founder of this glorious place Staff Member

    Yeah, for GTA, I got tired of the whole thug-errand boy theme. Felt less like a video game to me and more like a thug simulator. As soon as saints row started getting off the wall ridiculous, I started liking that series instead and therefore made the jump.
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  6. retroshinobi

    retroshinobi Bronze Member

    I have still not played (series):

    Half Life
    Gears of War
    Mass Effect

    I'm sure many more

    I enjoyed GTA up until San Andreas and just stopped playing halfway through. I felt it started to drag on and some driving parts went on way too long, almost like a simulation of driving long distances in real life, which takes up enough time and energy as it is.

    I also had serious trouble getting into the Zelda games once they went to 3D. I know a lot of people praise them as the best of all time, but I just didn't see it. The pace felt too slow and emphasized the stuff I didn't enjoy as much as the action elements in the early ones.

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