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    Please join us in welcoming back Paul Ojeda as our third Administrator of Retroids! Some of you may remember that Paul was our third Admin. back when we started Retroids and Video Game Evolution (VGEvo) in 2007. Paul had to leave the position for family obligations, but is now back and ready to help us make Retroids better than ever!

    Paul was an editor for Electronic Gaming Monthly back in the 1990s (much like Ken and myself). He is an avid gamer, family man, comic collector and loves DC comics, especially Batman.

    Be sure to welcome and say hello to Paul when you see him around the website!
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Discussion in 'Articles' started by Trickman, Dec 16, 2013.

  1. Prime
    I'm not a comic collector, but I totes love DC stuff as well. Batman's (obviously) the best, but I have a new-found respect for Superman recently. I had always assumed he was just some power-fantasy - "The invincible man" essentially, but seeing some of these DC animated movies, I can see why Superman is actually pretty awesome and just as legit as someone like Green Lantern or Batman. He's a "cosmic-scale" hero, fighting "cosmic-scale" enemies. Batman's a crime fighter - Superman isn't really suited to that. He has to be fighting enemies like Doomsday and Darkseid to make it interesting.
  2. Paul
    I agree. Superman fighting a rash of jewelry heists in Metropolis is lame. That's like me claiming to be a hero for breaking up a kindergarten fight.

    Superman fighting an unstable god with an Omega Beam...now we're talking.

    He also has a weakness to magic which I think helps to break up that invincible good guy thing.
  3. Boric
    Welcome back Paul!
  4. Paul
  5. Goffey
    Welcome to Retroids Paul!
  6. Paul



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