What are you playing this week? 6th August 2014!

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by RayG, Aug 6, 2014.

  1. RayG

    RayG Who's my next challenger?

    We've made it to August!!! I think we should treat ourselves and tell everybody what you've been playing and whether you'd recommend it to you're fellow VG-Evo-mons. So:

    What have you been playing?
    What are you playing now?
    What are you playing this weekend?


    As for me, I've played two games. First, I played Cosmic DJ and it's very ,very, silly! It's a music game... but it's not a rhythm game. And I'm pretty sure you can't lose. It's early access and I totally recommend trying it. It has a space corgi in it. I've also been playing Freedom Planet with my nephew! Freedom Planet is awesome. My nephew keeps saying "It's like Sonic" except when he said "It's like gunstar heroes". So yes if you like sonic and gunstar heroes, defo play it.
    But enough about me, what about you? Answer as you see fit.
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  2. ChryZ

    ChryZ Chaos Engineer

    I'm still playing LYNE, usually one set (25 puzzles) per day. The game is really loaded, each set got a letter (A-Z), 26x25= 650 puzzles! I got pretty competent and complete the puzzles pretty quickly now, nice casual time waster, perfect for drinking tea or listening to music.

    Prime and myself started a Battle Block Theater co-op run. The Behemoth never fails to entertain, the platforming puzzles and arena designs are really clever and make excellent use of all the various block elements. The netcode is spot on and co-op awesome fun, even when you mess up or fumble it's rarely frustrating and way more hilarious. I laughed a couple of times so hard that my sides started to hurt. The tone of the game itself is already comedy gold, the story, the art, the cats, the narrator, the plot ... all of it!

    I made a mistake by playing Deus Ex in summer, that game is way too dark and atmospheric. Summer days are way too long and bright. I'm still playing the game, just very slowly, maybe 1-2 hours at night. Therefore a slow burn, that's alright tough.

    Received the brand new Lovely Planet as a gift. Thanks again, Prime. Pretty unique take on first person shooters, looks super innocent and cute, gets super technical and difficult after just a few stages. The levels are pretty brief, sometimes less than 10 seconds, retry galore / gratification loop à la Super Meat Boy. The presentation is very minimalistic still rather charming, one might actually say lovely, and reminds of something like Katamari Damacy.

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  3. Boric

    Boric The Netherfiend Staff Member

    Forgot to mention in recent weeks that I was playing The Bridge. It's an interesting puzzle game with a nice aesthetic. The difficulty between levels swings wildly, as some are very intuitive and some are not so much. Seems rather short as well, but I need to get back to it and finish it up.

    I've also played some Jack Lumber. I'm not 100% sure, but this has to be a mobile game adapted to Steam. The progression, style and gameplay all seem like they were built for a touchscreen. Nonetheless it still plays well enough with a mouse, and is fun to play in short bursts now and then (as mobile games are meant to be)
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  4. Prime

    Prime Desires Bionic Arm

    Like ChryZ said, we started a game of Battleblock Theater - very VERY silly game, but the puzzle platforming is incredibly deep and level layouts have both of us scratching our heads sometimes. Awesome game!

    I started recording more Skyrim for my Prime Plays series on youtube. I'll probably be recording a couple more episodes tonight actually.

    Outside of that, just been playing my Wii U and the games on that. Mario Kart 8, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and Wind Waker HD. Hey, sometimes after a bean burrito I become a wind waker too!


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