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  1. Ravenblade86

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    I was talking to Geoff and saskbob about racing games a lot in the shoutbox today and the subject turned to WipEout at one point, which made me go and pull out the Vita and play some 2048 which fin my opinion is still the best game on the Vita!

    Anyway, I ended up finding this WipEout Through the Ages video on Youtube which is worth a watch for the memories :)

    The CoLD SToRAGE soundtrack for the first two games right at the start brings back some memories for me :)

    I was surprised by how good Fusion still looks in that video for a 2002 PS2 game, just a shame that one wasn't developed by Studio Liverpool and that on my old PS3 (software backwards compatibility) it's crashed all the time.

    Pure and Pulse on the PSP, those two should be standard bearers for the PSP really.

    WipEout HD/Fury. Still one of the most visually stunning games on the PS3, and I'd personally same the best racing game from the last gen. WipEout night could maybe make a sneaky one off come back...

    2048. For my money it's the best game on the Vita, unfortunately it was also the last game from Studio Liverpool :(

    Here's to hoping the series makes a return. Hopefully with Firesprite at the helm.
  2. Goffey

    Goffey Interactive Distractions

    Good find! Gunna check that out when I get home.

    Always loved the Wipeout games. I remember owning a Saturn and playing Wipeout at my friends house and being extremely jealous. It eventually came to Saturn a lon time later but wasn't nearly as good as the PS version.

    I'd be down for a Wipeout night for sure!
  3. ChryZ

    ChryZ Chaos Engineer

    The PS1 version blew my mind back then: the music, inertia and arcade feel ... all at home, on my TV!? Definitely one of my most favorite racing series.

    Slightly off-topic, but related ... a team of former Wipeout devs are working on something new:

    Formula Fusion / Slamjet Racing, mash up of F1 and Wipeout

    Few details here,



    Woah, even Designers Republic is on board!

    Ex Wipeout Devs team up with The Designers Republic™ to create a new AG Racer -‘Formula Fusion’.

    Middlesborough, UK –Oct. 03, 2014 – R8 Games Ltd and The Designers Republic™ announced today that they will be joining forces to develop a new spiritual successor to Wipeout; Formula Fusion. Combining decades of development and design expertise, Formula Fusion will represent the next big leap forward for the genre onto next gen consoles.

    Previously known for Wipeout’s award winning graphic design direction and a wide range of iconic brands; The Designers Republic™ will work side by side with the developers to promote and establish the visual style design aspects for the game.

    Formula Fusion is currently in pre-production and promises many enhancements over the original version of Wipeout, including; craft and technology customisation, track editing tools, synchronous multiplayer with online leagues and a new hyper-speed mode.
    The game will be initially developed for the PC Steam gaming community with console versions to follow soon afterwards.

    "We are bowled over by the amount of interest we have had so far! Adding TDR™ to the mix marks our intention to give fans what they want," said a spokesperson for R8 Games. "We are attempting to break new ground and reinvigorate the AG Racing Genre with a cutting edge Adrenaline fuelled Racing Experience!”

    "I always said we'd never do another Wipeout. After Wip3out, the third instalment, with the original team dispersing if not already long gone, The Idea was degenerating into a marketing led franchise — from our perspective — an ever decreasing circle of senseless reiteration cranked out for cash. The difference for us with Formula Fusion is the return to values behind the game — the desire to make it, and the community aspect — the desire to not only play it, but to contribute to creating it. The community, and the opportunity to engage with it, are the drivers behind TDR™’s re-engagement with The Idea. 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1 – GO!" said Ian Anderson, Founder TDR™

    Subject to platform submission – an early access version of Formula Fusion will be made available through the Steam Store in June 2015, with the full version expected in Q2 2016.

    About R8 Games Ltd.
    Formed in 2014, R8 Games is an independent games development studio focused on creating disruptive next generation titles for PC and consoles. The team features a wealth of established talent, including staff who have worked at the likes of Rockstar, Psygnosis, Sony and Team17. Between them, they have worked on franchises such as Grand Theft Auto, Wipeout, Midnight Club, Auto Club Revolution and Carmageddon. More information about the company will be made available soon, but in the meantime, R8 Games Facebook Page can be found here:


    About The Designers Republic™

    The The Designers Republic™ (TDR™) is a Design Thinking studio declared on Bastille Day 1986. Founded, and still led by Ian Anderson in Sheffield (SoYo™) North of Nowhere™), they're known for their unique mix of anti-establishment aesthetics while perfectly embracing the brash consumerism and visual language of corporate brands such as Coca Cola, Orange and Sony. Generally credited with defining the look of electronic music from Bleep to Techno, from Warp to Gatecrasher, TDR™ have also been a go-to thinkhaus for architects and fashion designers (such as Issey Miyake) looking to tap in to their 'What if?' approach, www.thedesignersrepublic.com
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  4. Fivespot

    Fivespot ABOG Podcast

    Anyone remember Extreme G? I really enjoyed that WipEout heavily inspired game. Played the N64 version.
  5. Ravenblade86

    Ravenblade86 Scarecrow...

    Just having a poke around the Cross Play on 2048 and it seems like it's possible to host a HD/Fury night from the Vita. Not sure if I can make it invite only from the Vita though. I'll have to have a bit of a play around it and see if we could make something work that way.

    I had seen that Formula Fusion / Slamjet Racing trailer but I clearly didn't pay enough attention to notice that they had The Designers Republic involved in it, that's pretty cool. Visually it definitely looks like WipEout, but going by that trailer at least it's a long way of the mark on the gameplay front.

    I have no idea who is actually part of that R8 Games team though that they are calling ex WipEout devs. I know a lot of the core Studio Liverpool guys are the founders of Firesprite and having been working on all the visual stuff for PlayRoom.

    Though they are collaborating with Tim Wright aka CoLD SToRAGE so that is pretty cool!
  6. RPT

    RPT Guru Meditation Error

    I can't believe they didn't include the weird CGI Arcade version that was played in Hackers.
  7. Randum

    Randum Car Junkie

    Absolutely love this series. The first game I got on the ps1 back in the day and worked on getting every single version since. and yes the Vita version is fantastic!
  8. Boric

    Boric The Netherfiend Staff Member

    I do, and loved it... though I never quite got into Wipeout as much. Though all this speed talk has me salivating thinking of an HD F-Zero for WiiU

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